Thursday, June 26, 2014

Pain Strikes - Demo 2013

Inspired by bands like Carry On, Right Brigade, and Youth of Today, Pain Strikes 
wrote a demo that you should listen to. This band has a pretty interesting mix of inspirations
which makes for a unique and awesome sound. 

Straight Razor - Straight Razor

Straight Razor is a New Bandfrom New Bedford Massachusetts which will soon be 
releasing 6 songs on REACT! Records. Check this fucking 2 song demo and tell me 
it's not awesome. 

Rude Awakening - Collateral Damage

Recently signed to Bridge Nine Records, Rude Awakening is releasing their first
full length LP titled Collateral Damage. The first time I listened to them was when 
they played Strife's record release with Down to Nothing, Mother of Mercy, Soul
Search, and more. In my opinion they stole the show and ever since then I've been 
really into them. They always play awesome shows and exceed my expectations. 
The full album is up for stream and it kicks ass. Check it. 

Hounds of Hate - Hate Springs Eternal

This shit came out of nowhere, I had no clue they were even writing new material.
I fell in love with their self titled and I am beyond excited that they wrote more
music. Seriously check this out! If you liked Ashkenazi, then you'll like this too. 

Friday, June 13, 2014

Blacklisted - 2 New Songs

Blacklisted is my favorite hardcore band of all time and they played 2 new songs
at their last show in NYC @ Le Poisson Rouge with The Rival Mob, Stick Together,
World War 4, Disengage, Give, and No Tolerance. These are the two songs from 
the Hate5Six recording of their set. 


And this is the set in case you want to watch it. Beautifully recorded as always by Hate5Six

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Drug Control - Demo 2014

NYHC brought to you by San Diego. Drug Control is a sXXXe Youth Crew band 
for fans of SSD, Agnostic Front, and Warzone. They scream about macho assholes, 
stupid addicts, and drinking and driving. Educate yourself. 

And here is their rough cut of a YOT cover 

Wasted Struggle - Plaguebringer

Its a little different from the stuff I normally post but you'll understand why once
you listen to it. Wasted Struggle is a blackened punk band from Budapest, Hungary. 
Sounds like some of the new Old Wounds material or just some straight up black
murder metal. This band needs to be checked out ASAP as possible. 

Society Abuse - No Pleasure Demo

Lyrically dark band from Jacksonville, Florida that plays some fast shit. Sounds
sort of like the Backtrack 08 demo but more similar to Tear It Up and a mix
of Born Annoying and Altered Boys. Check them out cause they fucking rule. 

Rapid Change - Demo '14

New straight edge youth crew band from Charlotte, North Carolina 
yelling about being sick and fucking tired of this world. They are not 
happy with you or your bullshit and they are saying it to your face. 

Collusion - Demo 2014

How can you go wrong with members of Coke Bust, Misled Youth, and Pure Disgust?
You can't. This band is like a heavier and angrier version of Government Warning 
or SOA. Washington D.C. puts out another sweet ass demo. I'm starting to see alot 
of good music coming out of there and I'm excited to see what comes next.

Ashkenazi - Nature of the Beast

Punk/thrash/hardcore crossover brought to you buy members of Hounds
of Hate from Braddock, Pennsylvania. I'm pretty sure the vocalist of HoH 
is also doing the vocals here cause it sounds awesome, but its a little more
punk sounding. I really hope this record gets the notoriety it deserves. 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Mizery - Survive the Vibe Promo

Mizery is an awesome band from the West Coast who just release a promo tape.
For fans of Crown of Thornz, Leeway, Fire & Ice, with Cold World-esque vocals.
Can't go wrong with that. Their 6 song EP is set to come out some
 time this year so keep your ears to the ground.

Angel Du$t - Set Me Up

Another awesome song released by A.D. called Set Me Up featuring guest vocals by
Reba from Code Orange Kids, Brendan Yates & Brad Hyra from TUI, Evan Wivell
From Mindset, and a few more. 

Friday, May 23, 2014

UK Bands That You Should Be Listening To!

Violent Reaction
Crazy awesome raw dog straight edge hardcore. I've seen them once before at the
Warehouse Motor Club in New Jersey and they put on an awesome show! Check 
out their Demo, Self-Titled, Session One, and Dead End 7" on their bandcamp. 
You can download everything but Dead End from there. 
Download the Dead End 7" here,

The Flex
My favorite color is red so I already love all of their cover art, but besides that
this band fucking rules. If you like Rival Mob you'll love this because it's British
and they have an accent. Alright I'm just kidding this band seriously rules though
I'm going to see them and Violent Reaction in Brooklyn tomorrow and it should 
be a hell of a show. Plus the Altered Boys are playing! Check out their music here.
Download their LP Wild Stabs in the Dark here.

Arms Race
And the last band in this installment, which I just found is Arms Race. Really bass heavy 
hardcore punk from London with members of Violent Reaction. Perfect music to skate
and stage dive to. Check out their 3 song demo on Bandcamp.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Bane - Don't Wait Up

I'm really upset that I'm just now starting to fall in love with this band. I've had 
the undeniable pleasure of seeing this band live a few times now, and all I can 
say is they will be missed. My best friend Little Scoop is the biggest Bane fan
I know and when most people were too cool to watch them play live, I hung out 
with her and looked them in the eyes as they blew my fucking mind. It took me
a long time to figure it out but the first few times I saw them, I experienced an 
unknown feeling. This band moved me. I didn't know what he was singing about
but I knew he was fucking passionate about every single word in every song. You 
just don't see that kind of stage presence anymore. It's not only him, the entire band
radiates intensity and passion. When the guitarist sings the last part of Swan Song, 
the microphone is behind him, and you can hear him in the back of the room, its magic.
Bane has left a heavy foot print on this planet and it's not going anywhere. 

Also, here is an interview from Noisey.