Monday, February 16, 2015

Convict - Demo

     Fast, raw, and gritty hardcore punk from El Monte, California on Fight 'Em All Records. Convict will surely catch your attention with their groovy riffs and in-your-face lyrics that tackle some very real modern issues like police brutality. Violent and upfront, the lyrics paint an image of a group of pissed- off people who are not to be fucked with or crossed. Lyrics from the song On the Attack go like this,

Under our feet is where you're at
No blood unspilled
We're on the attack.
There's no where to run
Nowhere to hide 
Your lucks run out 
And you're in our sights
And it's your time to die. 

Just a few days ago, in a thread on the B9, Convict announced that the songs on the tape got mastered at Dead Air Studios and will be released as a 7" on Six Feet Under Records this spring. Pre-orders will be coming in a few weeks so keep your eyes peeled and your ears to the ground. For now you can buy the tape and a shirt on the Fight 'Em All Records Big Cartel.

Also Check out their Bandcamp

And here is a Download link to the demo. 

Monday, February 2, 2015

State of Affairs Fanzine

A dear friend of mine started a fanzine called State of Affairs where he talks
about hardcore and interviews band members. He sells them at hardcore shows 
in New Jersey so if you want one you can pick one up at a show he'll be at
or you can contact him and possibly order one. 

Here are some ways of getting in touch with him.

New Jersey Hardcore Shows February - March 2015


2/5 Eyehategod / The Banner / Huldra / Dutchguts / Sunrot at Clash Bar

2/7 Suburban Scum (video shoot) / GDP / The Banner / Heavy Chains / Razorheads at The Stanhope House

2/15 Heavy Chains / Holy Land / Break Away / Lost Souls / Face the Facts @ Shore Core

2/19 Brick by Brick / Cognitive / Internal Warfare at Championship Bar & Grill

2/20 Budd Dwyer / Led to the Grave / Through Thorn and Brier / Sunrot @ Uncle Slevz, Montclair

2/21 The Winter Classic w/ Turnstile, Down To Nothing, Superheaven, Incendiary, Fire & Ice, Freedom & Stick Together at Gamechanger World (main room)

2/22 Old Wounds / Trenchfoot / Vein / Hounds at The Meatlocker

2/28 Hollow Earth / Pharaoh / Divider / Forever Losing Sleep at Clash Bar

3/7 Swamps / Vice / 96 / Threat 2 Society at Meatlocker

3/11 Cult Leader / Purge / Damaged Goods (reunion) / Ides / Insurrection @ Uncle Slevz

3/13 Ugly Parts / Sheer Mag / Pox / Future Damage @ Cooler Ranch

3/15 Razorheads / Death Injection / Dilate @ Cooler Ranch

3/21-22 Nate Gluck benefit fest w/ Sick of It All, Kill Your Idols, Cro-Mags, Indecision, Grade, Killing Time, Endeavor, For the Love Of, Ensign (ft. Farside and Undertow), Mouthpiece, The Banner, Old Wounds + way more @ Gamechanger World SOLD OUT

3/30 Night Birds / No Problem / Future Damage @ Cooler Ranch

4/1 Biohazard / Sworn Enemy / Old Wounds / Negative Sky at Asbury Lanes

4/3-4/4 Toxic Fest w/ Skarhead, Razorblade Handgrenade, Brick By Brick, Sicker Than Most, Los Brothers, Knuckle Up + more at The Blue Room Lounge in Secaucus

4/8 Forever Losing Sleep / Entia / Locktender / NY in 64 / Facility @ Gili's Place

4/10 No Warning / Breakdown / Foundation / Think I Care / Suburban Scum / King Nine at GameChanger World (main room) SOLD OUT

4/11 No Warning / Underdog / Twitching Tongues / Get Real / The Wrong Side / Heavy Chains / God's Hate at GameChanger World (main room)

4/14 Ajax / Vaaska / Freak Vibe / Kiizka at Cooler Ranch

Posted by Gabe La Torre on the NJ DIY HARDCORE SHOWS Facebook page.

Friday, January 9, 2015


     For those of you who live in New Jersey or even the Tri-State area, I highly recommend making your way to this show.  Not only is this a stacked lineup of awesome bands like New Brunswick's own Ugly Parts who are returning after a brief 6 month hiatus, The Sentenced and Treatment on tour from Texas, and Jersey's "supergroup" Blunt Force (Members of Night Birds, Altered Boys, and many more.) but NJHC legends Mental Abuse just got added to the bill.
     For those of you who haven't heard of the Cooler Ranch, it is mecca for hardcore-punk shows in New Brunswick and Central Jersey. The guy who books shows at that house has been throwing together some amazing line-ups and with a frequency that is lacking in some communities. I've been there almost every weekend for the past month or so and it's just a really chill spot for shows.
     If you want to hear Sock Woman live then Ask a Punk and come to the show.

When I heard about this show I started snooping around the internet for some Mental Abuse downloads and I found Streets of Filth but I would like more. If anyone has any other downloads then please link me. 

Mental Abuse - Streets of Filth (83')

I also suggest checking out the other bands playing tonight...

Friday, January 2, 2015


New year, new music. I wanted to find something completely new and fresh so I rummaged through some new music on bandcamp and I found this awesome youth crew band from California Called Step-4-Change. FFO: Floorpunch, Bold, Freedom, Youth of Today. Great sound accompanied with catchy lyrics like "THE MESSAGE, THE TRUTH, THE MEANING, THE YOUTH, THIS PLEDGE, THIS X, MY FRIENDS, THE CREW!" Technically it was realeased in late December but I'm listening to it now so this is my first favorite demo of the New Year! Check out Step-4-Change. 

Friday, December 19, 2014

Xibalba - Invierno

     Xibalba just released a new song of their upcoming LP Tierra Y Libertad, titled "Invierno." Although they have stepped even further away from hardcore and more into the realm of death metal, I can still hear their hardcore roots and sound from their first release and I love it. I'm a fan of their entire discography so far and I hope they keep at it and continue making solid tracks. Also, being on a label like Southern Lord was bound to catch up with them and I think they took that influence and made a hell of an impact on hardcore and death metal. 

Here is that track, released on Noisey

Monday, December 1, 2014

Shrapnel (UK) - Frenzied State

     UK's Shrapnel released Frenzied State just in time to make my top releases of 2014. It consists of members of Obstruct and Violent Reaction so you know its going to rule. Its like they took a time machine back to the 80's, took the cheese off Jeff Perlin's Big Mac, brought it back to the UK and aged it for like 30 years. Now the cheese is mature and oh so delicious.
     For those of you who don't like cheese, this record is really great.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Mizery - Survive the Vibe

     Finally the full release is here and I can take the promo off repeat. I've posted about Mizery before when I listened to their promo which consisted of 2 tracks from this EP but now I have listened to all 5 songs and I am extremely stoked on this band. Being a huge fan of Fire & Ice, I can't help but dig this band and their perfect brew of their F&I, Cold World, and Crown of Thornz influences. Super groovy, yet heavy- hitting, this bands riffs will tear you to fucking shreds. Do yourself a favor.

They are also playing GameChanger World in Howell on December 2nd as part of the California Takeover Tour with Soul Search, Fury, Forced Order, and Blind Justice to host the Californians. Violent Situation dropped unfortunately but I'm personally more stoked on Mizery so come check out all of those bands.  

Dilate - Demo 2014

Dilate is a new band that formed out of other bands like Seasick, Razorheads, Ugly Parts, and Bible Thumper and you can clearly hear the influences from those bands, and more. FFO:D-beat, crusty riffs, Japanese punk, and straight up raw pillaging music. The demo is just under 5 minutes long with track titles such as "Unyielding Wrath" and "Human Cost," and makes me really wish I could get my hands on a demo or some lyrics. They are playing a show on December 5th at the Cooler Ranch in New Brunswick with Red Death, Shrapnel (UK). and Big Bad Wolf, which I am super stoked for.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Nine of Swords - I Can't Stand My Own Face

     If done right, it can be really refreshing to hear a woman's voice in a hardcore-punk band. I think its about time we got more of that female touch around here and this band is a great example of that. One of my friends showed me this band an I was blown away! Between the vocals, the lyrics, raw energy, and the great pairing of the drums and bass, you find slow Pelican-esque head bobbing melodies that really make you groove. Hardcore, punk, screamo, skramz, whatever you want to call it, it rules and you should check them out.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Black SS - Animals

      Crazy-fast, blistering, and full of rage are some of the few characteristics that come to mind when talking about the Black Sheep Squadron. Birthed from the Syracuse hardcore scene, Black SS is for fans of Negative Approach and Uniform Choice, professional wrestling, and other people that are equally pissed off. Animals is their first release since 2008 and is being put out on tape on the Bleeding Edges label (The Flex, Brain Slug, Altered Boys, Protester). You can listen to and download the tape on the Black SS bandcamp or the Bleeding Edges bandcamp, and you can also buy the tape and others on the Bleeding Edges Big Cartel.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Overcast - Discography

     Overcast was an amazing early 90's metalcore band from Boston, Massachusetts fronted by Brian Fair from the more popular band Shadows Fall. In the 7 years that they played they released a few 7" records and 3 full lengths with the last one (Reborn to Kill Again, 2008) being a re-release of old tracks and two unrecorded songs.
     They briefly reunited in 2006 at the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival and announced the release of Reborn to Kill Again. Even more recently they reunited once again at This Is Hardcore 2014 where I heard their music for the first time and was instantly blown away. Knowing nothing about Overcast I curiously asked my friend what the vocalist of Shadows Fall was doing up on stage during sound check. The room was full and they really set it off making it my favorite set of this years fest. During their set they announced another release of their discography coming out on Bullet Tooth titled "Only Death is Smiling" which will feature 45 tracks across 3 CD's and is speculated to be released in the fall or late 2014. This is a collection of their 7" and 12" releases along with some splits and a live set.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Inside Out - No Spiritual Surrender

     Still a classic almost 25 years later, No Spiritual Surrender left a huge footprint on hardcore music. Orange County's Inside Out released this in 1990 only to break up a year later, but some of the songs they wrote for an upcoming release turned into Zack de la Rocha's new band Rage Against the Machine. No Spiritual Surrender is an essential record in your music collection.

This year at This Is Hardcore Fest, a band called Hounds of Hate covered Burning Fight.

Uppercut - Collection

     Uppercut was a NYHC band from the Bronx during the late 80's and early 90's. I just listened to this for the first time the other day and was wondering why I haven't heard of them sooner. They sound very similar to Outburst and Breakdown, and the guitarist has also played for bands like Side by Side and Judge.

Waste Management - Get Your Mind Right EP

     Another awesome band out of Boston, Waste Management, released this EP in 2007 on Pain Killer Records.