Monday, October 5, 2015

Deadhead - Demo

So I don't know if anyone actually checks this blog anymore because I haven't written in here in a pretty long time but my band just put out a demo. Check it out.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Gangway! - Young Hearts

NYC has been churning out a lot of amazing punk music lately but on the outskirts of town are bands that should not be overlooked and one of those bands is Gangway! This Long Island hardcore-punk band with wicked reggae and ska roots, is bursting out of the shadows of New York City and showing the punk world what the fuck is up! Gangway managed to filter out the shitty elements of ska music and apply it to punk in a very smart, fast, and fun way while also emulating strong reggae roots throughout their songs. The Young Hearts EP is the 4th release for Gangway and if it was released in the early 2000's it would probably end up in a Tony Hawk Pro Skater game and become one of those instant nostalgic classics. They play up and down Long Island and in the city so check them out but for the meantime listen to their Bandcamp.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Aggression Pact - S/T 7"

What do you expect from a band who's members played in top notch acts like Waste Management, Green Beret, Wasted Time and Mercy Killings? You expect some top notch fucking music and that is what you get from Aggression Pact. Releasing their first 7" on Painkiller Records , this Boston hardcore-punk band is adding their material to a steady stream of shred that is coming out of that city right now. Fast and raw isn't only my favorite way to fuck but it's also how I like my hardcore and they hit that nail on the head! Compared to Adrenalin O.D., BGK, and N.O.T.A, "AP" will definitely satisfy fans of those bands and it will also resonate well with the new breed of hardcore-punkers. Don't sleep on this 7" and try to catch them at a show, I know I will.  Bandcamp//Buy!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Pure Disgust - Chained

     DC has a very iconic past in terms of punk and hardcore and they have always had a steady stream of great bands in the scene but recently they have entered a new era dubbed the "NWODCHC." Pure Disgust is one of many DC bands that have been consistently putting out awesome tunes that are really fun to rock to and at the same time make serious statements on some important social issues of today.
     Chained was released about a week ago by a combined effort of Brooklyn's Katorga Works and the UK's Quality Control which I'm assuming is for pressing the record in Europe (which is awesome). This record is filled with so much energy, power, and like I mentioned before, fun! Fast, Oi inspired, punk that makes you want to run around and jump up and down like a fucking maniac. Listen to it. Buy it.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Yuppie Killer - Cotton Candy

     Rapid, powerful, gritty, and energetic are words that only give you a mild idea of what this band sounds like because you have to listen it to fully grasp everything that Yuppie Killer is. They are a four piece hardcore band from Seoul, Korea that play fast and raw hardcore punk layered with many influences like powerviolence, surf rock and punk, thrash, and shoegaze. Normally when a band lists so many genre influences I become skeptical but YK projects all of their influences very clearly which makes for really dynamic and interesting music. 
     If you have read punk and hardcore lyrics in the past year or two they may all seem a little homogeneous but Yuppie Killer takes hardcore-punk lyricism to its roots and yells about a variety of topics ranging from cops to the geography of Korea. It's really refreshing to listen to lyrics that aren't all about posers and people who stabbed other people in the back. 
     The Cotton Candy EP is a follow up to their debut LP Corruptions, and it was released earlier this month making it their third release in the 2 years. YK has carried over they're strengths from their previous releases and amplified it, making an amazing 7 song EP that will blow you away. There's no reason why you shouldn't listen to this because its between 10-11 minutes long and you'll be a happier person after you do. 
     In their bio on Facebook they claimed that "Yuppie Killer was an experience best witnessed in the flesh" and from the videos I've seen, I believe it. It would really be great to see this band live so I may start planning a vacation to Korea unless somebody would like to book them in the States. I think you should. 

Here's a link to their Bancamp where you can listen to Cotton Candy 
and all of their other releases. 

Here's a video of them playing live @ Double A Studios in Seoul

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Interview with Paul Klein of Suburban Scum

     Last week Suburban Scum released a track titled "Death is Destiny" from their upcoming full length debut Ultimate Annihilation which is coming out on Closed Casket Activities sometime in the near future. The new song is really setting an awesome tone for this record and I cannot wait to hear the rest of it and I'm excited to hear new live material as well. From what I heard live at the Ultimate Annihilation video shoot and the show that they played at Starland Ballroom, this record is going to be insane and people are already losing their minds at shows which is always a great sign.
     Being so excited about this record I had a few questions regarding it, so I hit up my good friend Paul Klein and he did an awesome job of answering all my questions. This is my first interview on this blog and here is the song and the interview. For the ultimate experience and to fully immerse yourself in the interview,  I suggest playing the song while you read.

1. What's your name and what do you play in Suburban Scum?
     What's up? My name is Paul Klein, and I play drums in Suburban Scum.

2. So we are here to talk about Ultimate Annihilation which is your debut full length LP. How long have you guys been working on this record and what was the experience like?
     Feels good to finally sit down and talk about it, man. We've been working on newer material, for what seems like forever. It's been about 2 years that we've been throwing ideas around and whatnot. Putting songs together can be really stressful, especially when you get stumped. It happens to every band, I think. Some things click, some don't. Some ideas that we originally thought were total shit come back into the picture. Sometimes, you tend to hear it differently after letting it sit for a while, or you find a spot in a certain tune where that certain riff fits, you know?

     Probably the last year or so we really buckled down and pushed ourselves to get everything done. Most of us work full time, have other bands and/or obligations outside of Suburban Scum, so sometimes it can be a pain in the ass to get all of us in a room to jam every week. Plus, we were relatively busy playing shows and traveling. But, shit's all done and we couldn't be more excited! It's being released through Closed Casket Activities, as well. Justin is the fucking man.

3. And this was all recorded at the Machine Shop in Bellville, NJ? Was this your first time working there?
     Everything was recorded at the Machine Shop with Will Putney and crew. Had a blast, honestly. Will's a close friend of ours which I think made the environment a lot of fun for everyone, too. Plus, we're at a comfort level with one another where he can straight up say "that suuuuuuucks, try this" and we'd be okay with it. For the most part, we came in really prepared and were just excited to lay everything down. After jamming shit for so long, it was great to hear everything come together in an amazing studio. There were definitely some moments where I personally took a step back and asked myself, "did we really just do that?" It's very rewarding knowing we gave our all, and I hope everyone hears and feels that when the record drops.

     As far as this being our first time recording at the Machine Shop, at the Bellville location, yes. The Machine Shop was originally in Weehawken or Hoboken, where Will recorded "Internal War" before I joined the band, then the actual studio was taken over by another friend of ours, Jeremy Comitas, and went under a different name in which I can't recall at this time... which is where we recorded "Hanging By A Thread", my first record with the band.

4.You just released a new song titled "Death is Destiny" which sounds awesome! What has the reaction to the song been like?
     Thanks, man! We're really pumped on it. So far, the response has been incredible. I've seen way more positive comments than anything. Overall, we're really happy with everything going on right now.

5. How do you feel about "Ultimate Annihilation"? Is there anything different about this record than the previous? Also, do you have a favorite song?   
     Personally, I think this is easily the heaviest and tightest material we've put out, hands down. As far as anything being different, well there's some metal elements thrown into the mix this time around, but it's still very much a hardcore record. No doubt about it. I can 100% guarantee you it's crushing, it's pissed, it's Suburban Scum... just better than before. From start to finish, "relentless" is the word to best describe it.

6. The album art was released along with the new song and it looks phenomenal. Who did the artwork and can you tell us a little bit about what it means?
     Thanks. We're all super excited on how everything came out. The artists name is Jesse Schaller, from Albany, NY. Super nice and the dude RIPS! He did the cover art for our split with Xibalba, as well. I know he's done stuff for SkeletonWitch and a lot of other sick bands. You want skulls and badass shit, Jesse is the guy.

     As far as the meaning behind "Ultimate Annihilation", I don't wanna take away from Karebear, haha. If I had to try and explain it, I'd say to take a look at everything that's going on in the world today. It's a mess. An absolute fucking disaster. Take all of the elements of that shit, and I think that can paint a picture for the record. I'm sorry, I'm really bad at explaining that kind of stuff, but all in all, the music, lyrics and imagery we are going to lay on you are far from happy.

7. The band just went out on tour with Expire, Rotting Out, Bent Life, and Mizery. I know you don't usually go on these longer tours with the band but can you tell us a little bit about the tour and how it came about? Will the band be spreading the good word about Ultimate Annihilation?
     Yes, Scum is still currently on a full U.S. run with the bands you had mentioned. What a great tour package, man. Definitely, the guys are spreading the word about the new record, for sure. New songs are in the setlist, merch designs with "Ultimate Annihilation" on it and all that good stuff. Nice little push for what's to come.

     Honestly, not entirely sure how the tour came about, but we were asked and we said sure, haha. We're all friends with one another, too.

     Dayn (guitar), Madden (bass) and myself had to take the backseat for this tour like we did for the Life And Death (summer 2014), unfortunately. We all do "adult" shit. Man, that hurt typing that out, haha. It sucks not being able to be out there with our friends, not going to lie. However, the last thing we would ever want to do is prevent Suburban Scum from going out and playing shows. I'd never want to do that. That'd be selfish.

     I'm a little older than the other guys, have a full time job in purgatory, married, dogs, bills, etc. So, sometimes, for me to take off for 3-4 weeks straight can be difficult. I try to do as much as I can, though. I'm definitely going to Europe in May for a week with the guys, so it gives me something to look forward to.

8. You guys shot a video for the record at the Stanhope House a few weeks ago with the Banner, who you used to drum for, the almighty Razorheads, and GDP. How was that experience and when can we expect the video to be released?
     I can speak on behalf of everyone by saying that video shoot/show was by far one of the craziest sets we have ever played as a band. Was our first time playing new stuff off the record, too. Seeing kids go off to something they have never heard before made us feel really good. All the bands killed it. Was just a perfect night. I'll never forget it.

     As far as the experience of having a video shoot, that was a first for us. It was actually really laid back for the most part. Just kind of like "Okay, just play and we'll record". Super easy, haha.

     I got a chance to see the final edit of the video and it captures that night perfectly. Chaotic. I'm gonna guess that it'll drop once we have a date for the record release/pre orders and all that stuff. That's what I'm guessing. Could be sooner, though. We'll see.

9. A week after that you played the E.Town Concrete show at Starland Ballroom with Indecision, Vision of Disorder, The Banner, and Razorblade Handgrenade. You got to sit behind the kit for a song during the Banners set, which was a treat, was it fun and nostalgic to play with those guys again?
     Absolutely! I love The Banner. Always have. Always will. "Posthumous" still remains as one of my favorite NJHC releases ever.

     I joined in 2007 and played up until, I'm gonna say 2011'ish? I got to see and do a lot with the band after we recorded "Frailty" (also recorded by Will Putney/Machine Shop). Had some of, if not the best times of my life spent with Joey and the dudes that were in the band at that time, and I'm forever grateful. So, getting a chance to go up and play "The Wolf" with Joey and the guys brings back a lot of great memories for me. Respect to Jake for being cool and letting me sit in every now and then.

10. You also run an amazing little side business where you make kickass artwork. How did that come about?
     Thanks, man! I don't necessarily have a name for my side business, but if you're on instagram, check out @artbypvk.

     I've always enjoyed drawing and painting ever since I was a kid. Especially horror imagery. Shit's the coolest. Being able to create/recreate something is a nice release outside of drumming for me. Going to try and keep doing as much as I possibly can with that. Helps keeps me somewhat sane. So, feel free to check out my page and hit me up ( if something catches your attention. Mike, very cool I was able to paint something for you a little while back!

11. Most important question of the interview: How are your dogs?
     I love this, haha. They're great, man! As I'm sure you know from my social media shit (instagram: @choicesmade), I post pictures of my guys every two seconds. They bring me endless joy and I like to share that. For those that don't know, I currently have three dogs. Frankie, 5 year old chihuahua. Buster, 13 year old pug. Newman, 3 month old mixture of all kinds of breeds. Guessing pug, pomeranian, yellow lab, maybe some pit. Not 100% sure, but he's rad.... they're all rad! All very comical when they are around each other, too. Most importantly, they are all very happy and healthy. All we could ever ask for.

     I have a pretty stressful job. So does my wife. We deal with complaints, stupid people yelling and shitting all over us day in and day out. Coming home to pups that are insanely ecstatic to see us... everyday... all day... c'mon, does it get much better than that?

     A few months back, my wife and I had to put our first dog, T-Bone, down due to a tumor that spread rapidly. We had adopted him when he was around age 1 or 2, early on in our relationship, prior to our marriage. He was around through a lot of the ups and downs over the last 9 years. More importantly, he was around when I wasn't. I'd leave for months at a time to play music and travel, while my wife was working her ass off to pay the bills and help keep a roof over our heads, all while she was sick. He was her sidekick, her best friend. Made sure she wasn't lonely and kept a smile on her face when I couldn't. Losing him, it's still so very raw to us. Making that decision was the most difficult shit imaginable. Never felt pain like that before. However, knowing he's not suffering anymore makes it a little easier. We gave him the best life possible, and in return, he gave us endless amount of amazing memories and such unconditional love.

     It's amazing the bond someone can have with their dog. Some may think I'm batshit crazy, but I'd take a bullet for them. Forever loyal to my guys as they are to me. Wouldn't have it any other way.

     Man, you really got me talking now, haha. If you ever wanna get me emotional, a conversation about my wife and guys is the way to go, haha.

Finally thank me for this awesome interview and tell everyone how cool I am cause I don't think anyone is convinced.
     Thanks, Mike! It's very rare I get to do this, so I appreciate it! Always good talking with you. Can't wait for you and everyone else to hear "Ultimate Annihilation". Keep your eyes and ears open. Everyone's a fucking victim!

Thanks again! -Paul

     I Just want to thank Paul once again for being kind enough to do this and answer all these questions perfectly. Always good to hear from you and always good to know that your dogs are doing well!

There it was, my first interview on this blog, and who better to pop my interview cherry than one of NJHC's greatest drummers. If you guys like this interview then let me know, maybe I'll do more.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Dog House - Demo 2015

     Sewer demons have crawled out through the sludge of a Boston gutter to write a demo blistering and enchanting enough to brainwash punks into an army of boot stomping soldiers to bring back into gutters and fight a war against shitty music. Dog House released a demo in early February that has somehow slipped past me for over a month now which is upsetting since I could have been listening to this demo for over a month now.
     The demo hits hard with heavy punk riffs and low demonic vocals powerful enough to cut through bone. As you listen from beginning to end, each track slows down a little bit only to slam on the breaks in the middle to unleash a sludgy track that will make you wonder if there are any swamps in Boston that this band could have been conceived in. Then the demo picks back up again to kick your ass for another 2     songs. I recommend this demo to anyone who likes Hoax, Boston Mayhem, SQRM, and just anything crusty, sludgy, and heavy. I am too excited for this band and I know fairly little about them due to the lack of information about them on the internet which I must say makes them even more intriguing and mysterious. If anyone has any other info about them, please let me know. Enjoy.


Monday, February 16, 2015

Convict - Demo

     Fast, raw, and gritty hardcore punk from El Monte, California on Fight 'Em All Records. Convict will surely catch your attention with their groovy riffs and in-your-face lyrics that tackle some very real modern issues like police brutality. Violent and upfront, the lyrics paint an image of a group of pissed- off people who are not to be fucked with or crossed. Lyrics from the song On the Attack go like this,

Under our feet is where you're at
No blood unspilled
We're on the attack.
There's no where to run
Nowhere to hide 
Your lucks run out 
And you're in our sights
And it's your time to die. 

Just a few days ago, in a thread on the B9, Convict announced that the songs on the tape got mastered at Dead Air Studios and will be released as a 7" on Six Feet Under Records this spring. Pre-orders will be coming in a few weeks so keep your eyes peeled and your ears to the ground. For now you can buy the tape and a shirt on the Fight 'Em All Records Big Cartel.

Also Check out their Bandcamp

And here is a Download link to the demo. 

Monday, February 2, 2015

State of Affairs Fanzine

A dear friend of mine started a fanzine called State of Affairs where he talks
about hardcore and interviews band members. He sells them at hardcore shows 
in New Jersey so if you want one you can pick one up at a show he'll be at
or you can contact him and possibly order one. 

Here are some ways of getting in touch with him.

New Jersey Hardcore Shows February - March 2015


2/5 Eyehategod / The Banner / Huldra / Dutchguts / Sunrot at Clash Bar

2/7 Suburban Scum (video shoot) / GDP / The Banner / Heavy Chains / Razorheads at The Stanhope House

2/15 Heavy Chains / Holy Land / Break Away / Lost Souls / Face the Facts @ Shore Core

2/19 Brick by Brick / Cognitive / Internal Warfare at Championship Bar & Grill

2/20 Budd Dwyer / Led to the Grave / Through Thorn and Brier / Sunrot @ Uncle Slevz, Montclair

2/21 The Winter Classic w/ Turnstile, Down To Nothing, Superheaven, Incendiary, Fire & Ice, Freedom & Stick Together at Gamechanger World (main room)

2/22 Old Wounds / Trenchfoot / Vein / Hounds at The Meatlocker

2/28 Hollow Earth / Pharaoh / Divider / Forever Losing Sleep at Clash Bar

3/7 Swamps / Vice / 96 / Threat 2 Society at Meatlocker

3/11 Cult Leader / Purge / Damaged Goods (reunion) / Ides / Insurrection @ Uncle Slevz

3/13 Ugly Parts / Sheer Mag / Pox / Future Damage @ Cooler Ranch

3/15 Razorheads / Death Injection / Dilate @ Cooler Ranch

3/21-22 Nate Gluck benefit fest w/ Sick of It All, Kill Your Idols, Cro-Mags, Indecision, Grade, Killing Time, Endeavor, For the Love Of, Ensign (ft. Farside and Undertow), Mouthpiece, The Banner, Old Wounds + way more @ Gamechanger World SOLD OUT

3/30 Night Birds / No Problem / Future Damage @ Cooler Ranch

4/1 Biohazard / Sworn Enemy / Old Wounds / Negative Sky at Asbury Lanes

4/3-4/4 Toxic Fest w/ Skarhead, Razorblade Handgrenade, Brick By Brick, Sicker Than Most, Los Brothers, Knuckle Up + more at The Blue Room Lounge in Secaucus

4/8 Forever Losing Sleep / Entia / Locktender / NY in 64 / Facility @ Gili's Place

4/10 No Warning / Breakdown / Foundation / Think I Care / Suburban Scum / King Nine at GameChanger World (main room) SOLD OUT

4/11 No Warning / Underdog / Twitching Tongues / Get Real / The Wrong Side / Heavy Chains / God's Hate at GameChanger World (main room)

4/14 Ajax / Vaaska / Freak Vibe / Kiizka at Cooler Ranch

Posted by Gabe La Torre on the NJ DIY HARDCORE SHOWS Facebook page.

Friday, January 9, 2015


     For those of you who live in New Jersey or even the Tri-State area, I highly recommend making your way to this show.  Not only is this a stacked lineup of awesome bands like New Brunswick's own Ugly Parts who are returning after a brief 6 month hiatus, The Sentenced and Treatment on tour from Texas, and Jersey's "supergroup" Blunt Force (Members of Night Birds, Altered Boys, and many more.) but NJHC legends Mental Abuse just got added to the bill.
     For those of you who haven't heard of the Cooler Ranch, it is mecca for hardcore-punk shows in New Brunswick and Central Jersey. The guy who books shows at that house has been throwing together some amazing line-ups and with a frequency that is lacking in some communities. I've been there almost every weekend for the past month or so and it's just a really chill spot for shows.
     If you want to hear Sock Woman live then Ask a Punk and come to the show.

When I heard about this show I started snooping around the internet for some Mental Abuse downloads and I found Streets of Filth but I would like more. If anyone has any other downloads then please link me. 

Mental Abuse - Streets of Filth (83')

I also suggest checking out the other bands playing tonight...

Friday, January 2, 2015


New year, new music. I wanted to find something completely new and fresh so I rummaged through some new music on bandcamp and I found this awesome youth crew band from California Called Step-4-Change. FFO: Floorpunch, Bold, Freedom, Youth of Today. Great sound accompanied with catchy lyrics like "THE MESSAGE, THE TRUTH, THE MEANING, THE YOUTH, THIS PLEDGE, THIS X, MY FRIENDS, THE CREW!" Technically it was realeased in late December but I'm listening to it now so this is my first favorite demo of the New Year! Check out Step-4-Change. 

Friday, December 19, 2014

Xibalba - Invierno

     Xibalba just released a new song of their upcoming LP Tierra Y Libertad, titled "Invierno." Although they have stepped even further away from hardcore and more into the realm of death metal, I can still hear their hardcore roots and sound from their first release and I love it. I'm a fan of their entire discography so far and I hope they keep at it and continue making solid tracks. Also, being on a label like Southern Lord was bound to catch up with them and I think they took that influence and made a hell of an impact on hardcore and death metal. 

Here is that track, released on Noisey

Monday, December 1, 2014

Shrapnel (UK) - Frenzied State

     UK's Shrapnel released Frenzied State just in time to make my top releases of 2014. It consists of members of Obstruct and Violent Reaction so you know its going to rule. Its like they took a time machine back to the 80's, took the cheese off Jeff Perlin's Big Mac, brought it back to the UK and aged it for like 30 years. Now the cheese is mature and oh so delicious.
     For those of you who don't like cheese, this record is really great.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Mizery - Survive the Vibe

     Finally the full release is here and I can take the promo off repeat. I've posted about Mizery before when I listened to their promo which consisted of 2 tracks from this EP but now I have listened to all 5 songs and I am extremely stoked on this band. Being a huge fan of Fire & Ice, I can't help but dig this band and their perfect brew of their F&I, Cold World, and Crown of Thornz influences. Super groovy, yet heavy- hitting, this bands riffs will tear you to fucking shreds. Do yourself a favor.

They are also playing GameChanger World in Howell on December 2nd as part of the California Takeover Tour with Soul Search, Fury, Forced Order, and Blind Justice to host the Californians. Violent Situation dropped unfortunately but I'm personally more stoked on Mizery so come check out all of those bands.