Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Dalton McGraw/Out of Hand

This is my boy Dalton, I met him last year at This is Hardcore and I hung out
with him every day at this years fest. He lives in Detroit and he's not dead. That's
because he has a black belt in Mosh-Kwan Fu and he spin kicks muggers into the 
stratosphere. Dalton is a local legend and hero, often saving children from burning 
buildings by quickly posi jumping through the windows. His favorite band is Freedom, 
and he does interviews. Check them out. 

Dalton also drums in a band called Out of Hand. They rule.

Power Trip - new song [NEW SONG]

Flatspot Records is putting out Vol. 2 of the Extermination comp and today
they released Power Trip's new song This World. It fucking rules. Check it out.

Also check out the other songs on the compilation and preorder it!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Discogs Account

So I decided to finally make a Discogs account and catalog my whole record collection.
I only got through my 7" records but soon I'll upload all of my 12", my CD's, and all 6
of my tapes. I don't know how many of you actually read this but if you do then check it 
out. I'm not looking to sell these really but for the right price or trade I'll think about it. 

Perfect People - Midwaste

A St. Louis band, Perfect People, is debuting their first record on Belgian 
Just Another Day Records. Perfect People is for fans of Count Me Out, Right 
Brigade, Have Heart, Sinking Ships,Straight Edge, Youth Crew, and the Mongoloids. 
Oh and if you're from St. Louis go check them out today with Power Trip and Mammoth

Also check out Just Another Day Records for some really awesome bands like
Overload and Shout Aloud

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hit List - Demo II Pay in Blood

I haven't been this excited about a band in a long time. South Florida 
Straight Edge Hardcore band Hit List is probably my new favorite band.
They are like the drill sergeants of straight edge and will literally scare 
you out of breaking edge.

Pay in blood
For every promise you broke
Kick you while you're down
Your life's a god damn joke.

 Simple yet heavy riffs, terrifying bench press murder vocals, doomsday grenade 
launcher breakdowns, and nightmarish lyrics. This band is fucking perfect.  

Nailed to the X
That's what you said
Now I'll take a fucking hammer
To the side of your head
Listen to their other stuff too. 

Menace 2 Society - Demo 2014

Yeah so I just stumbled upon this demo. Its some crazy, dark, metallic, 
fucked up, trashy, hardcore shit. 

Don't look me in the eye
Don't fuck with them nor me
Don't try to cross our path
I'll put you in your fucking seat

Don't fucking cross me!

Old Wounds - Dead Beat Blues

Holy fuck, Old Wounds just put up a new track from their upcoming
full length on Good Fight. New to the roster, Old Wounds will release 
Death Projection on September 16th this year. I've been a fan of this 
band ever since they started playing and they consistently release awesome
fucking music even though their sound has changed over the years. Keep 
an eye out for this band. 

Cold Wolrd - How the God's Chill

Cold World's first record since 2008, How the God's Chill, is a fucking 
awesome record. Available August 5th on Deathwish Inc. Also they played
a really tight set at This is Hardcore! Do I really need to say more? It's Cold World.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Pain Strikes - Demo 2013

Inspired by bands like Carry On, Right Brigade, and Youth of Today, Pain Strikes 
wrote a demo that you should listen to. This band has a pretty interesting mix of inspirations
which makes for a unique and awesome sound. 

Straight Razor - Straight Razor

Straight Razor is a New Bandfrom New Bedford Massachusetts which will soon be 
releasing 6 songs on REACT! Records. Check this fucking 2 song demo and tell me 
it's not awesome. 

Rude Awakening - Collateral Damage

Recently signed to Bridge Nine Records, Rude Awakening is releasing their first
full length LP titled Collateral Damage. The first time I listened to them was when 
they played Strife's record release with Down to Nothing, Mother of Mercy, Soul
Search, and more. In my opinion they stole the show and ever since then I've been 
really into them. They always play awesome shows and exceed my expectations. 
The full album is up for stream and it kicks ass. Check it. 

Hounds of Hate - Hate Springs Eternal

This shit came out of nowhere, I had no clue they were even writing new material.
I fell in love with their self titled and I am beyond excited that they wrote more
music. Seriously check this out! If you liked Ashkenazi, then you'll like this too. 

Friday, June 13, 2014

Blacklisted - 2 New Songs

Blacklisted is my favorite hardcore band of all time and they played 2 new songs
at their last show in NYC @ Le Poisson Rouge with The Rival Mob, Stick Together,
World War 4, Disengage, Give, and No Tolerance. These are the two songs from 
the Hate5Six recording of their set. 


And this is the set in case you want to watch it. Beautifully recorded as always by Hate5Six

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Drug Control - Demo 2014

NYHC brought to you by San Diego. Drug Control is a sXXXe Youth Crew band 
for fans of SSD, Agnostic Front, and Warzone. They scream about macho assholes, 
stupid addicts, and drinking and driving. Educate yourself. 

And here is their rough cut of a YOT cover 

Wasted Struggle - Plaguebringer

Its a little different from the stuff I normally post but you'll understand why once
you listen to it. Wasted Struggle is a blackened punk band from Budapest, Hungary. 
Sounds like some of the new Old Wounds material or just some straight up black
murder metal. This band needs to be checked out ASAP as possible.